Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization is using a software to divide one physical server into multiple virtual environments, each running its own operating system and applications, to help maximize your server resources.
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Isolate Applications

Virtual Servers offer programmers isolated, independent systems where you can test new applications or operating systems. Rather than buying a new server, a Virtual Server can be created on an existing one. Thus you can run the software without worrying about affecting other applications.

Improve Disaster Recovery

Server Virtualization has software applications that automate the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) if and when a disaster strikes. It is the same software which usually offers a way to test the DRP as well. Thus, one can actually test and see if the DRP works in reality, rather than being uncertain of its performance when the time comes.

Brands that offer Server Virtualization Solutions

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Create Physical Space

It's common practice to dedicate each server to a single application. The network administrator can consolidate several applications into one server running multiple virtual environments. Organizations using hundreds of servers will save great physical space.

Extend Life of Legacy Systems

In order to continue offering the services provided by legacy systems, a virtual version of the hardware is created on modern servers. The programs perform as if they were still running on the old hardware. This lets organizations transition to new processes without thinking about potential hardware failures.

Generate Less Carbon Footprint

Servers generate heat, which in turn leads to a greater need for cooling solutions. This causes more consumption of power. Virtual Servers helps reduce the carbon footprint of your organization significantly.

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