Storage Area Network

A Storage Area Network (SAN) allows all users sharing the same network access to multiple storage devices that provide block level storage for servers in a data center.
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Data Transfer

SAN supports direct, high-speed data transfers between systems and storage devices. The same storage device may be accessed serially or concurrently by multiple systems; SAN may be used for high-speed, high-volume communications between systems; and SAN enables data to be moved without system intervention, thereby freeing system processor cycles for other activities.

Data Protection

With Fibre channel capable of running up to 10 kilometers, we can keep our data in a remote, physically secure location. In case of unexpected natural disaster and loss of data, large backup disk arrays can be stored on an off-site location and shared on a SAN where users can access them remotely.

Brands that offer Storage Area Network Solutions

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Storage Utilization

Raw storage is treated as a pool of resources that can be centrally managed and allocated on an as-needed basis. Because Storage Area Network removes storage from the servers and consolidates it where it can be accessed by any application, it tends to improve storage utilization.

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