Rack Servers

A Rack Server is designed to deliver high performance, reliability and availability at affordable prices and to address any business environment from work groups and small businesses to medium and large enterprises.
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Ease of Use

Rack servers provide an alternative option for businesses that need to run more demanding applications. The advantage with the rack is that you can manage multiple servers with a single keyboard and mouse.

Space and Security

Rack Servers are made to fit an open personal computer into a closed cabinet. So, in addition to ease of use, it even saves a tremendous amount of space. The closed cabinet also gives an extra layer of protection from various elements such as pests, dust, climates, accidents and much more.

Brands that offer Rack Servers Solutions

Discover the various Brands and the relationship we have with them to better understand the solutions we can provide together.

Variable Sizes

Rack Servers are computer powerhouses that come in various sizes ranging from 1U to 7U with each size having its own set of advantages. You determine the size, the server will be installed and built after you select its height and configuration.

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