Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is storage directly connected to the computer in some shape or form, as opposed to storage accessed over a computer network; thus making your data inaccessible to other computers.
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Cost Efficient

Most computers and many servers already have DAS installed in their system. Thus there is no need for purchase and deployment of network hardware such as switches, routers, connections and cabling. To add more storage, you can simply purchase a storage device and one cable at the most, therefore saving expenses.

Brands that offer Direct Attached Storage Solutions

Discover the various Brands and the relationship we have with them to better understand the solutions we can provide together.

Control Access of Data

Ease of Use

When using DAS, one can simply save files. Unlike on other storage options, these files can be viewed, renamed and deleted. Deployment of DAS may require some configurations but it is simple enough for anyone to perform without guidance.

Greater Data Security

DAS Storage is accessible from the device to which it is attached. Since DAS does not require any networking, the files can be accessed and shared only by the host of that device.

Direct Attached Storage Whitepapers

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