Surveillance is the close observation and collection of data or evidence for a specified purpose. Video Surveillance solutions are security tools that help reduce crime and protect people and property.
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High Definition Resolution

Camera resolution is one of the most important features that a surveillance camera must have, for it is a high-resolution system that allows you to easily spot smaller details that low resolution cameras do not pick up on.


Surveillance system allows round-the-clock recording, and since all of the images get saved in the system, you are able to watch the video at any given time, assess any suspicious activity and save digital images of the criminal.

Remote Viewing

This capability allows whoever owns the property and surveillance system to continuously check the video feed despite wherever they are and also allows for video streaming capabilities to reach a number of mobile devices.

Motion Activation

Motion Activation helps to save the hard drive space, making it easier to review security footage and allowing for a better picture as these cameras often track the suspicious activity as it occurs.

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