Data Encryption

Data Encryption translates data into another code to ensure that only the people with access to a secret key can read it. Currently, encryption is one of the most popular and effective data security methods used by organizations.
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Protect Your Data with Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Information like customer, employee, and financial data are big targets these days. So is your organization's intellectual property. Loss and theft of endpoint devices such as laptops, flash drives, and removable hard drives continue to be one of the leading causes of a data breach.This is where Symantec's Endpoint Encryption solution can help, by turning confidential information into scrambled garbage for anyone but authorized users.

Data Loss & Theft Prevention

Data encryption provides your organization with the means to control the use of removable storage devices / media. It protects the data in case of theft/loss of mobile devices/laptops.

Brands that offer Data Encryption Solutions

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Ensure Your Data is Secure

Media Encryption

Encryption provides your organization with the FIPS 140-2 validated technology that is needed to protect data on removable storage devices / media. Data Encryption can be done on the go without having to wait for admin availability.

Data Encryption Products

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Malware Protection

Data Encryption and device control provides an additional layer of defense against malware, specifically those being distributed via removable devices like USB drives since the media is encrypted.

Detailed Forensics

Device control provides the in-depth information needed to know the risks of data transfers in order to report for compliance or forensic purposes and to update policies as business needs dictate.

Data Encryption Whitepapers

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