Supplementary Modules

Add-on Supplementary Modules are scalable to accommodate your growing business requirements, with no new software to learn. Plus, new releases take advantage of several powerful add-on products exclusively. Explore some of the options below.
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Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Drives Innovation with Cloud PMS

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts creates moments for guests by delivering personalized service. OPERA Cloud's Hotel PMS and central repository for guest information improve efficiency and help Mövenpick deliver memorable guest experiences. Learn more about Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud PMS here:

Fast and Easy Check-in

Front Desk is the focal point of your entire operation. It's where you make your first and last impression. It often makes an effect on establishing the 'long term relationships'.

Brands that offer Supplementary Modules Solutions

Discover the various Brands and the relationship we have with them to better understand the solutions we can provide together.

Keep Guests Coming Back for More

Posting Simplified

Our Posting feature accommodates all major posting activities including split postings and transfers efficiently and securely, with detailed posting history.

Supplementary Modules Products

Browse our product catalogue to explore more Supplementary Modules Products


Swift Night Audits

Now you can perform the Night Audit function without ever interrupting your daily operations. On the contrary, perform your night audits by including an on-line backup, which can be completely transparent to your staff.

Account Receivables

Account Receivables offers unparalleled flexibility to managing customers based on their individual preferences, maximizing collection and boosting customer satisfaction. All the information you can possibly need about a customer, from contact names and ship-to locations to credit availability and aging limits, is stored within the system.

Room Assignment

This functionality is used to assign room numbers easily and rapidly before guest check-in. It offers a large selection of criteria that help you determine which reservations will display for room assignment. Manual assignment and quick auto assignment is also possible.

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