Revenue Management

Revenue Management involves a technique for potential revenues for a given capacity at a certain point in time, which aims to increase net yield through allocation of available resources to predicted demand.
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Revenue Forecast

Revenue Forecast is the practice of accepting demand at sell rates aimed at achieving the highest possible revenue over a given period of time. This is accomplished by utilizing historical data and current booking trends to forecast the potential demand for a resource and calculating the value for this demand.

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Increase Profitability with Revenue Maximization

Rate Availability Tool

When the observed pace rises, Revenue Management closes those lower rates, the ones whose expected demand has been achieved. The Rate Availability tool allows your hotel to set reservation hurdles and manage closing or opening of rates and house level restrictions.

Optimize Revenue

Depending on forecasted occupancy, Day Type Codes allow rate amounts to increase or decrease on specific days. Rate amounts could increase temporarily for that day type by a percentage or additional rate amount.

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