Profile Management

Use of Profiles not only provides a way of tracking repeat business but allows information such as guest preferences to remain on the guest's profile. Profiles allow us to serve our guests each time they return to the hotel in a more efficient manner.
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Profile Criteria

Every reservation must have an individual (or guest) profile attached to it. Profiles can either be simple, with just guest name along with their address, or they could be complex with preferences and notes. Making profiles simplify and speed up the reservation process.

Profile Types

All Profiles store names, addresses and demographic data. There are six types of profiles, the screens for which look similar but are different in the fields they contain - individual, company, source, travel agent, group and vendor.

Brands that offer Profile Management Solutions

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Profile History

This option provides past and current reservation information including a record of how the guest has contributed to your revenue during their stay. The screen provides a record of every reservation associated with current profile. Profile Records will automatically be entered into the history for each reservation made by the profile.

Profile Merge

Duplicate profiles can result in wrong statistical and revenue information. Profile Merge feature combines or merges the duplicate profiles, keeps the database trim and up-to-date, ensures accurate profile statistics and reduces staff confusion; thus resulting in a clean company database.

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