Commission Management

The Commission Management provides a comprehensive and technologically advanced commission processing service. It provides travel agents and sources with an automated solution to replace the previously labor-intensive act of calculating their due commissions including data tracking and accounting of every commission payment made by a participating property.
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Commission Calculation

Whenever commission payments are being processed, guest stay details are combined with travel agent and source details to identify the agents and sources that are eligible for commissions and how much commission they have earned.

Payment of Commission

The output of the commission payment process can either be by commission checks or Electronic Funds Transfer files that can be forwarded to the clearing house by the property.

Brands that offer Commission Management Solutions

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Commission Processing

Travel agent and source details bank account information and guest reservations data are combined to determine the amount of the commission due and the method of payment. During this process, commission details can be changed, new commission detail records can be added and the commission can be stopped midway as well.

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