Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics is an enterprise solution that organizes and consolidates business critical data into easy-to-view reports and dashboards.
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Data Science for Hospitality - Turning Data into Profit

Find out how food and beverage operators can turn data into profit with Data Science services from Oracle Hospitality. Learn more:

Easy Access to Real-Time Data

The software allows you to access restaurant sales figures from anywhere by using the internet connection or by using the in motion mobile application that provides real-time transaction details.

Brands that offer Reporting and Analytics Solutions

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Improve Operational Visibility

Enterprise and Store-level Performance

It provides a greater scope of operational awareness among the stores performance and allows you to make the comparison on key performance indicators that are set for all your business targets. It shows visibility on which stores are doing well and which are not.

Reporting and Analytics Products

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Automate Predictive Analysis

Power forecasting tools provide information to analyze your data to help determine future trends and patterns to forecast budgeting and business planning. It also provides data consolidation for multiple F&B stores to make predictions on what could be expected in the coming weeks and months.

Improve Awareness of Transactional Behavior

The Reporting and Analytics tool uses organizational and relational hierarchies to group and gather information into logical and simple-to-understand reports by placing an emphasis on checking level details, cancellation, voids and most-selling menu items.

Reporting and Analytics Case Studies

Learn how Reporting and Analytics's solutions can be of value to you by reading these case studies.

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