POS Hardware

The Point of Sale Hardware like Kitchen Display Systems and Workstations ingrained with POS specific software simplifies communications between front and back of the house, enabling better staff organization and efficiency; and ultimately, a better guest service.
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Meet the Oracle MICROS Compact Workstation 310

Compact, Versatile and Robust the Oracle MICROS Compact Workstation 310 and 310R are rugged portable Point of Sale (POS) devices. Their 10-inch design enables increased efficiency, enhanced operations and unprecedented price performance.

Kitchen Display Systems and Workstations

Simplify kitchen communication and other processes like having a second expeditor in your kitchen with KDS and Workstations. They provide highly visible real-time information to manage and control kitchen efficiency, which drives customer satisfaction.

Brands that offer POS Hardware Solutions

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Improve Kitchen Efficiency

Display Orders for Preparation

Mounted conveniently in your kitchen or food prep area, this seamlessly integrated, intuitive, graphical software application displays food orders for preparation in sequence and monitors the timing of orders for your Speed of Service.

POS Hardware Products

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Define Distinguished Preparation Times

Defines separate preparation time for beverage, starters, main course and dessert. Simplifies kitchen processes by giving a proper time to prepare and deliver food, according to the course defined.

Measure Complete Guest Experience

It notifies the kitchen when a table is seated and when an order is placed. It also provides feedback about the status of each table and captures service times for management reporting to improve efficiency, food quality, guest-service and customer satisfaction.

POS Hardware Case Studies

Learn how POS Hardware's solutions can be of value to you by reading these case studies.

POS Hardware Whitepapers

Learn how POS Hardware's solutions can be of value to you by reading these whitepapers.

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