Business Continuity

Business Continuity describes the procedures your company must incorporate to ensure that mission-critical functions can continue during and after a disaster by focusing on long term or chronic challenges to organizational success.
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Business Impact Analysis

The purpose of the BIA is to identify your organization's mandate and critical services or products, distinguish high-priority services or products for uninterrupted delivery or quick recovery; and identify internal and external impacts of disruptions.

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Reduce the Risk of Financial Loss

Plans for Business Continuity

Business continuity plans can be seamlessly implemented by preparing detailed response/recovery plans to ensure continuity. These plans and arrangements detail the ways and means to ensure that critical products and services are delivered at a minimum service level within tolerable downtime.

Business Continuity Products

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Training and Exercises

Certain personnel of your company will be given responsibility for certain tasks in the event of a disaster. These personnel can be trained for such tasks before-hand and made aware of other teams' functions. After training, mock exercises are scheduled in order to achieve and maintain high levels of competence under pressure.

Business Continuity Case Studies

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