Data Backup Software is a software application which duplicates data so that it can be retrieved in case the original copy is lost, corrupted or infected by malware.
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Automated Process

The automated process of Backup Software lets us set time, frequency, location and method of the backup. Despite the backup being automated, you can keep your files secure through various methods, like encryption.


The automated functionality of the Backup Software allows you to set the time and frequency of the backup. Thus, it takes a backup of the data on its own without any reminders or system triggers. Unlike a human, it will always remember, making life more convenient.

Brands that offer Backup Solutions

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Backup software provides system reports to assist in maintenance. A mail is sent to inform whether the backup was successful, what data was changed since the last backup and how much space is left on the storage drive. Thus, you have control over the Backup processes even though they are automated.

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