Racks are a means of containment that not only keep IT equipment cool for optimal functionality, but also protect the machinery from spills, knock downs and theft.
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Better Performance

Racks are typically organized in a hot aisle / cold aisle containment that reduces energy use and improves equipment performance. Since there aren't any hot spots, equipment downtime is no longer a worry. This also boosts air efficiency, creates energy savings, increases rack population and elongates hardware life.

More Secure

By using locked enclosures, another layer of protection is added for data and equipment. By having a locked enclosure, your crew can still keep the server room clean without being able to have any physical access to the equipment.

Brands that offer Racks Solutions

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Easy Maintenance

Racks make it easier to find everything in one place. Furthermore, being able to organize power cords and cables makes it easier to trace potential problems. Many server rack cabinets are fitted with wheels which is a favored way of accessing the server.

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