Environment Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring helps you quickly and easily detect and resolve changes in your IT infrastructure's physical environment, which is necessary for the smooth running of your Data Centers.
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Water sensors are placed at the lowest point on the floor and underneath any pipe junctions. Air-conditioning condensation trays are also equipped with sensors to detect overflow. Additionally, liquid water condensed from excessive humid air poses an equal danger to servers and systems.


Electrical failures can cause air-conditioning equipment to shut down even when the UPS makes sure that servers keep running which leads to overheating of the server room. You can monitor the current coming into the data center, and thus arrange for an orderly shutdown of IT equipment in case power is knocked out.

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No server or server rack operates above a maximum inlet temperature. The more information that is provided by the temperature control mechanisms, the faster an engineer can nip issues before they become serious problems.

Humidity and Airflow

Moisture and humidity sensors monitor for leaks inside cooling equipment, potential leaks that come from nearby pipes or water caused by a flood or disaster. They also make sure air is flowing through the rack in addition to monitoring Air Conditioning vent intake and outtake.


Dry-contact sensors that detect the opening and closing of a door are installed at the room entry points and on the doors of the servers and UPS cabinets. Room and rack entry sensors send alerts if the data center or rack has been improperly entered.


Real-time Video Surveillance of sensitive areas in the server room ties into a web-based console, so you can get a look at the data center environment from wherever you may be. A camera is activated that shows the rack where the cage has been opened.

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