Automatic Transfer Switch

No matter how long your power failure, your business will stay open and not miss a beat once you install an Automatic Transfer Switch.
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Simple Design

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are designed to be easy to monitor, operate and maintain. All controls required for daily use are conveniently located on the exterior door, where bright lamps indicate the switch position. All parts are front adjustable and front removable for optimum utility.

No Time for System Downtime

Smooth Transfer

Permits smooth and immediate transfer of electric current between multiple sources and the load. When the generator is running, it prevents dangerous feedback of current to the utility's system. It also ensures that different power sources are fully synchronized before their power is combined or loads are transferred.

Brands that offer Automatic Transfer Switch Solutions

Discover the various Brands and the relationship we have with them to better understand the solutions we can provide together.

Constant Feed

ATS offers the most efficient way to change from utility feed to generator feed. Once the lights go off, you can let the shift happen automatically - the sole situation that altogether exempts a building from the noticeable effects of a power outage, allowing your business to continue as before.

Automatic Transfer Switch Whitepapers

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