Public Cloud

Public Cloud allows a company or a group to access a whole world of shared information without having to use any sort of hardware or servers.
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See How VMware is Powering the Future of Cloud & Data Center Management at MediaTek

Leading semiconductor company MediaTek partnered with VMware to build a dedicated IaaS self-service portal powered by VMware vRealize. The company now has control over performance of the entire environment, and can easily monitor usage status to optimize the use of resources.

Utility Costing

Public Cloud services often employ a pay-as-you-go charging model where you will be able to access the resource you need when you need it, and then pay for what you use; so avoiding wasted capacity.

Brands that offer Public Cloud Solutions

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One Platform For All


There is a myriad of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services available in the market which follow the Public Cloud model and that are ready to be accessed as a service from all internet-enabled devices. Most computing requirements can be fulfilled by these services and their benefits can be delivered via the Public Cloud effectively.

Public Cloud Products

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Location Independence

The necessity of an internet connection for availing the Public Cloud services ensures that the services are available wherever you are located. This provides invaluable support services in case of emergencies via remote access to IT infrastructure. One can also engage in online document collaboration from multiple locations.

Public Cloud Case Studies

Learn how Public Cloud's solutions can be of value to you by reading these case studies.

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