Private Cloud

Since a Private Cloud is dedicated to a single organization, it has a proprietary architecture which ensures a distinct and secure cloud-based environment which only that organization can access.
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VMware Cloud Technology is Helping Build Infrastructure in Africa

"Node Africa, a VMware cloud provider partner, is on a mission to help African organizations take full advantage of the power of a secure cloud infrastructure. The company has provided a solid infrastructure for Intelipro, which is now able to provide a solid database to over 25,000 farmers for whom it tracks crops from seed to harvest.

Greater Customization

Services on this cloud can be customized so you can model it to suit the exact requirements of your enterprise. This in turns allows you to manage your own data.

Brands that offer Private Cloud Solutions

Discover the various Brands and the relationship we have with them to better understand the solutions we can provide together.

Your Data, Your Cloud

More Control

The sole control of a Private Cloud lies with an individual organization, which will have the ability to remove the economies of scale stored in a Public Cloud by operating a centralised management of the related hardware.

Enhanced Security Measures

Private Cloud computing comes equipped with a customizable firewall and authenticated tools which ensure maximum protection against unauthorized use, hacking and other malicious attempts.

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