Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud allows data to be transferred from a Private Cloud to a Public Cloud as and when computing needs and costing change. It also gives your business greater flexibility and more data deployment options.
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Hybrid Cloud gives the ability to optimize cost, performance and agility while also ensuring the portability of applications and data. The same application can be run in different clouds and moved between Public and Private Clouds depending on the workload.


Data can be distributed between Private Cloud and Public Cloud depending on its classification risks or its potential bandwidth requirements. Additionally, a Private Cloud Storage can be federated with a Public Cloud, using Public Cloud Storage for archive, backup, disaster recovery, workflow sharing and distribution.

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Cloud Bursting

Sometimes, the workload may have to be moved in case of capacity constraints. With the diversity of current workloads including the Big Data Analytics and Reporting, the exact capacity needs cannot be determined. Thus, the ability to easily burst to a Public Cloud and retain capacity in Private Cloud for mission critical workloads is a beneficial feature.

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