Video & Audio

Cut, compile, organize and assemble media footage. Create masterpieces either for social media platforms or for the big screen - make it look professional and establish an efficient workflow between all compliant apps.
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Organize and Assemble Media

Process your media in a convenient and unified manner to create a smooth workflow. Quickly tag and transcode video footage, manage clips and sequences, use metadata features and create rough cuts. Add annotations to your media files and further edit rough cuts to line up final cuts.

Maintain Web Presence

Generate graphics for web pages any time and create a Brand Image. Make social media posts in seconds by choosing from a range of available templates to give a professional finish. Add your own personal touch to convey a message. With these apps, it only takes a minute to create compelling content.

Edit for the Big Screen

Compile videos like a real pro, turn raw footage into mesmerizing visuals with these video editing apps. Tweak and refine media till it matches perfection. Add graphics, make vlogs, and import footage - anything you can think of making can be done here. From an 8k format to smartphone quality, it can handle it all.

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