An effective Customer Relation Management (CRM) helps you work with your customers by understanding them rather than blindly selling them products or services.
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Hotel transforms customer relationships, wins guests' hearts with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts-owners of some of the world's most luxurious hotels, like the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah-already has a reputation for delivering world-class hospitality. Company leaders saw an opportunity to improve segmentation and campaign management by tapping into vast data from the chain's customer loyalty program.

Billing & Invoicing Functionality

Track billing and invoicing status of each of your customer. Thus, all financial information is organized and you can easily review things such as frequency or timeliness of payments.

Brands that offer CRM Solutions

Discover the various Brands and the relationship we have with them to better understand the solutions we can provide together.

Establish Customer Loyalty

Tracking Support

Effectively collect information to better manage your customer's experience for it will organize information about all client complaints and dissatisfaction. Also keep a record of whether and how any and all issues were addressed.

Flexible Security

The CRM system keeps data secure, whilst also granting access to the right users. It allows specific users access to information, without compromising data security.

Data Reporting

Without a data reporting component, it will be hard to find customer behavior trends or understand how to improve your customer relationships. Exporting, compiling and analyzing marketing data or customer billing analysis tools are all part of the CRM software.

Business Process Automation

Though it is up to you to decide which tasks will benefit you most from Business Process Automation, it is safe to say that the time and money saved due to less data entry or better reporting will bring benefits, including an improved relationship with each customer.

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