IT Project Management

Count on experienced professionals to set and meet every unique milestone to completely oversee your project and ensure its success.
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Putting You First

With us, keeping your best interests on top is a given. We make no decision without understanding your business goals or the environment it thrives in. This is your project and we simply wish to help you reach the finish line with the best possible expertise.

Beyond Experience

Every need taken care of
Being in the IT industry for decades has given us quite the insight on the IT needs within the region. With all that gained knowledge, we are more than equipped to help you with your IT journey.

Powering Excellence

Knowledge that pushes success
IT has become an integral part in every field. We know because we have catered to a multitude of industries over the decades. And we keep striving to provide our IT expertise wherever it is needed.

Resource Co-ordination

Efficiency to the maximum
What we bring is more than just knowledge and experience. It takes more to complete a project. We offer leadership, someone to overlook the works while you handle more pressing matters.
Stage One - Initiation

The Simpler Route

New projects are a constant in any business. Every project comes with its own elements from resources to vendors and from budget management to co-ordinating with teams at multiple locations. It can be get complicated handling all of this within a busy schedule and fixed time frame. We can help you get there.
Stage Two - Planning

Mark your Checkpoints

We’ll start by designing a plan marked with unique milestones which the project manager will work to steadily meet over the course of the entire project. This plan will outline the Scope of Work (SOW), noting all the work that needs to be completed within a time schedule.

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Stage Three - Execution

In the Making

Turning the plan into a Plan of Action comes next. We will manage the team for you, therefore splitting the work efficiently - ensuring that resources are evenly divided within the project team to finish all tasks without hitting any speed bumps along the way that may compromise the schedule.
Stage Four - Monitoring

Steady Progress

We will ensure that during the entire process, the project will stay on track with its schedule. Your project will meet its milestones on time. We will handle all your vendor communication and reassure quality work whilst keeping a close eye on your budget and resources.
Stage Five - Completion

The Finish Line

Project closing happens when every milestone is ticked off of the project plan. When all tasks are completed and final evaluations are made to test operation quality, the project is officially complete. And so the project comes to a close when it is clear that you are satisfied.

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