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QikServe's self-service 'Waiter in your Pocket' app lets diners order and pay for food and drinks straight from their smartphone. Customer data is captured - automatically giving you a powerful marketing asset for targeted campaigning. Used in restaurants, resorts, hotels, cafes, workplaces, universities, hospitals, casinos and bars around the world, QikServe is fully integrated with leading hospitality Point of Sale solutions.
Why KIT for QikServe ?




KIT Offers QikServe Solutions:

  • App Development Kit
  • Guest Facing Application

KIT QikServe Certifications:

  • Certified QikServe Implementation

Mobile Customer Journey

Mobile order and payment offers the ultimate convenience for your guests. Whether it is Click & Collect, Pay@Table or the flexibility of Open Check, mobile can do it all. It offers valuable customer insights from automatic data capture during order and pay process.

Kiosk Customer Journey

Eye catching, high definition, visually rich self-service kiosks are a great way of effective queue busting at your stores. Customers can browse, order and pay using a highly intuitive interface then all they need to do is pick their order up from the express line when ready.

Tablet Customer Journey

Let your guests enjoy browsing the menu at their table using sleek tablets complete with rich, mouthwatering images of your food. A tableside tablet solution means your guests can order and pay when it suits them without the need to flag down busy wait staff.

QikServe Case Studies

Learn how QikServe's solutions can be of value to you by reading these case studies.
"We are looking forward to bringing the benefits of mobile ordering and payment to KIT’s hospitality customers. The hospitality sector in the UAE is world-renowned with a large number of hotels and restaurants, and QikServe can help these businesses improve their offerings and gain competitive advantage."
Daniel Rodgers, Chief Operating Officer of QikServe

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