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UAE Distributor & Service Provider

In today's 'Always On, Always Available' world where businesses can't stop and downtime is measured in dollars, APC by Schneider Electric provides protection against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss, hardware damage, power problems and temperature fluctuation. As a global leader in Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) solutions, APC by Schneider Electric sets the standard in it's industry for quality, innovation and support. It's comprehensive solutions, which are designed for both home and corporate environments, improve the manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment of all sizes.
Why KIT for APC ?




KIT Offers APC Solutions:

  • Data Center

KIT APC Certifications:

  • Schneider Electric ITB Certification of upto Galaxy 300 & Maintenance
  • Schneider Electric ITB Certification of upto Galaxy 5000/5500
  • Schneider Electric ITB Certification of upto Symmetry PX500 and Cooling


  • Value Added Distributor Gulf - 2015
  • E&S Distributor of the Year - 2013
  • Product Manager of the Year - 2012
  • Service Partner of the Year - 2011
  • Product Manager of the Year - 2008
  • Product Manager of the Year - 2003
  • Product Manager of the Year - 2002
  • Service Partner of the Year - 2001

Connected Smart-UPS with APC SmartConnect

Connected Smart-UPS with APC SmartConnect is a new cloud-enabled UPS that allows you to monitor your UPS online - anytime - anywhere through any internet connected device. Learn more:

Server Rooms

  • Simple, stand-alone or fully integrated solutions to turn any room into a reliable, available, business-wise and future-driven data centre
  • Architecture that can be deployed quickly, anytime, anywhere - enabling virtualization, handling high density and increasing efficiency
  • Project management for the whole project: from assessment to 'project & ownership'
  • Integrated management for server rooms

APC Products

Browse our product catalogue to explore more APC Products.

Data Centers

  • Simplify and speed up planning, designing and building your data center
  • Roll out and implement software-defined data centers
  • Protect on-premise applications living on-the-edge
  • Optimize costs and performance by balancing on-premise and cloud-based applications
  • Secure critical process applications that are isolated from development of digitized processes and applications needed for the future
  • Monitor, automate and control your entire data center's physical infrastructure with integrated DCIM

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