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Going forward

Throughout the years, we have understood that technology will forever be the medium to how businesses can work more efficiently. With IT solutions, people are connected to a more seamless world and that is why we believe in providing organizations with solutions that work for them.

The Lustrum

Technology to us refers to methods starting from finding a connection with people, to the complex computer engineering and information technology that has emerged since the 1980s.

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  1. 1981
  2. 1986
  3. 1991
  4. 1996
  5. 2001
  6. 2006
  7. 2011
  8. 2016
  1. Five Years

    1981 to 1985

    In 1981, two men started a company – Khaleej Information Systems. It sold MAI BasicFour and the Verbatim Floppy Disk Media. Their initial clients included Choithrams, Al Khaleej, Rais Hasan Sadi. Soon enough, Khaleej Information Systems bought Key Information Technology, a British Company which served clients from multiple industries; BBC Microcomputer Systems were supplied to English medium schools and Home-users as they were primarily for Education and Gaming purpose whereas Corona Computers were more suitable for Office and Corporate environments. In the next few years, they partnered with MICROS and ventured into the field of Hospitality. They catered to the companies like Meridian and Metropolitan. Simultaneously, they also provided support for Raytheon-based systems.


    Founding of Khaleej Information Systems

    MAI BasicFour

    Verbatim Floppy Disk Media


    Khaleej Information Systems merged with Key Information Technology

    BBC Microcomputer System and BBC based Software

    Corona Computers for Corporates


    Support for Raytheon Systems

    Micros Distributor

  2. Ten Years

    1986 to 1990

    KIT served clients from multiple industries; BBC Microcomputer Systems were supplied to English medium schools and Home-users as they were primarily for Education and Gaming purpose whereas Corona Computers, later to be renamed Cordata, were more suitable for Office and Corporate environments. KIT initially distributed the Facet Daisywheel Printers, later moving on to Citizen Dot-Matrix Printers and later switched over to HP Laser Printers. KIT’s constant search for new and better technology was an inspiration to create Keytech, our own brand of computers – an IBM PC-Compatible built around 8086 based processors, later moving up to Intel 80286 based systems. Keytech Software was also developed which supported readymade packages like Multimate, Lotus, Data Base, etc. Meanwhile, KIT tied up with Novell Inc., the leading Local Area Networking operating system of the time and partnered with Samsung Computers. Later, KIT represented Everex and distributed Graphtec and AutoCad in the UAE.


    BBC Microcomputer System and BBC based Software for English Schools and Home users

    Corona Computers for Corporates

    Distributor Facet daisywheel printers


    Distributor of Citizen Dot-Matrix Printers

    Micros Distributor

    Citizen Computer Printers Distributor of the Year


    Novell Networking Partner

    Samsung Computers Partner

    Keytech Software was developed


    APC Distributor


    Everex Distributor

    GraphTec and AutoCAD Distributor

    HP Printers Supplier

  3. Fifteen Years

    1991 to 1995

    The early 90s saw KIT split into two departments – PC & Networking which dealt with the Computer Hardware and its accessories; and Hotel System Division which handled all services regarding Hospitality. It was during this time that KIT formed and nurtured its own Support Team which was trained and certified by respective Principal Companies. KIT was one of the few trusted distributors of Micros Fidelio and became renowned for it in the UAE. KIT also offered Baron Leisure Software which facilitated the Spas and Golf Courses. The Beach Rotana was one of the first Hotels in the Rotana Group; KIT worked for it and all the other subsequent Hotels over the years. KIT was the first to launch Dell in the Middle East and become its sole Distributor. KIT received an Award of Excellence from Verbatim. KIT also opened a Branch Office in Abu Dhabi which primarily offered PC Operations and Micros Fidelio. Later on, a Service Center was set up for the Support of Dell and Micros Fidelio Products.


    Distributor of Micros Fidelio

    Hotel System Division within KIT


    Abu Dhabi branch opened

    Baron Leisure Software

    Autocad Authorized Deal


    Dell Distributor

    Verbatim Award of Excellence

    Beach Rotana

    Sales & Promotion of HP Peripherals Excellence Award

    Novell Certified Netware Engineer


    KIT Support Team certified by Partner Companies

    Novell Authorized Reseller


    Service Center in Abu Dhabi

    Long Standing Commitment with Gitex

    Novell Networking Partner

    PC Magazine Editor's Choice in recognition of Dell Latitude 450C

  4. Twenty Years

    1996 to 2000

    The last few years of the Millennium brought great recognition and awards to KIT. To mention a few, Micros Fidelio gave the President’s Award to KIT for Sales Achievement on two occasions and once a Thomas N Nicholson IV Award for the same. While principal companies like Dell and Microsoft certified KIT as their Solutions Provider and Authorized Distributer respectively, KIT also partnered with Cisco, Acer and Symantec. Starting with the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, KIT eventually served all Jumeriah Hotels in Dubai. The year 2000 also marked 20 successful years of KIT’s participation in GITEX.


    Cisco Distributor

    Novell Authorized CNE


    Acer Distributor

    Symantec Partner

    Authorized Supplier of Dell Products

    Jumeirah Beach Hotel


    Microsoft Certified Solutions

    Dell Power Edge Partner

    Citizen Authorized Service Center

    Verbatim Exceptional Sales

    Cisco Premier Partner Certified

    Acer Authorized Service Provider

    Cisco Systems Reseller Premier Certified


    Thomas N Nicholson IV Award for Sales Revenues

    HP Connect Reseller Certification


    20 successful years at GITEX

    Micros President's Awards for Sales Achievement

    Novell Partner Program Business Expert

  5. Twenty Five Years

    2001 to 2005

    KIT spent the first half of the new millennium establishing its roots in the higher-end of the Hospitality industry by working for Burj Al Arab and Emirates Palace. KIT received awards from Dell EDB Platinum Partner for Key Acquisition Win and from APC for Product Manager of the Year. Meanwhile, KIT continued to partner with companies like Acer, Avaya and Concept.


    Burj Al Arab

    APC Service Partner of the Year

    Micros President's Awards for Sales Achievement

    Cisco Reseller

    HP Business Parter


    Acer Authorized Service Providers

    APC Product Manager of the Year

    Micros President's Awards for Sales Achievement

    Microsoft Certificate of Appreciation


    APC Product Manager of the Year

    Micros President's Awards for Sales Achievement


    Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

    Concept Partner


    Avaya Partner

    EDB Platinum Partner Forum - Rome

  6. Thirty Years

    2006 to 2010

    As the years progressed, KIT worked with clients like The Meydan Hotel, Atlantis The Palm, Armani Hotel and Burj Khalifa. KIT also won milestone awards like Business Partner of the Year, Product Manager of the Year, Excellence in Leadership and Outstanding Performance. KIT further developed and upgraded their Partnership status with Cisco, Microsoft and Dell. KIT received Certificates of Appreciation from Johnson and Johnson, and GASCO IT.


    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

    Microsoft Partner Program Competency - Information Worker Solution

    Micros President's Awards for Sales Achievement

    Dell Best Small Business Server


    Cisco Select Partner

    The Meydan Hotel

    Microsoft Partner Program Competency - Networking Infrastructure Solutions

    Microsoft Partner Program Competency - Advanced Infrastructure Solutions


    Atlantis The Palm

    Business Partner of the Year by Millennium Hotel

    Dell Solution Partner

    Excellence in Leadership Award by Microsoft Partner Program

    Product Manager of the Year from APC by Schneider Electric

    Cisco Select Certified Partner

    Microsoft Advanced Infrastructure Solutions

    Microsoft Information Worker Solutions

    APC Product Manager of the Year

    Micros President's Awards for Sales Achievement

    Microsoft Partner Program Competency - Security Solutions

    Microsoft Partner Program Competency - Mobility Solutions


    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

    Xerox Authorized Partner

    Recognition of Partnership with GASCO IT Exhibition


    Dell Certified Enterprise Architecture Partner

    Microsoft Gold Partner

    Dell Certified Enterprise Architecture Partner - EMEA

    Microsoft Gold Certified

  7. Thirty Five Years

    2011 to 2015

    KIT was awarded with the likes of Partner of the Year by APC, Microsoft, Schneider Electric and Dell. KIT partnered with Xerox, Fortinet, Adobe and CyberRoom while upgrading their Partnership level to Silver, and eventually Gold, with Microsoft and becoming a Dell Preferred Partner. KIT received Certificates of Appreciation from Public Prosecution, Higher College of Technology, Future Borders, GASCO IT, Murdoch University and Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future. KIT was once again awarded for exemplary Sales Achievement by Micros Fidelio.


    APC Service Partner of the Year

    Microsoft Small Business Specialist

    Microsoft Partner Network Silver Virtualization

    SMC Networks Cetificate of Recognition

    SMC Networks Authorized Partner


    Schneider Electric Product Manager of the Year

    APC Product Manager of the Year


    Xerox Authorized Partner

    Dell Preferred Partner

    Microsoft Partner Network Silver Datacenter

    Microsoft Partner Network Silver Server Platform

    APC E&S Distributor of the Year


    Xerox Authorized Partner

    Fortinet Authorized Partner

    Microsoft Partner Network Gold Datacenter

    Microsoft Partner Network Gold Midmarket Solutions Provider


    Dell Partner of the Year

    APC Value Added Distributor - Gulf

  8. Present

    2016 to 2018

    KIT became a Dell Premier Partner and also joined hands with QikServe and Forcive. Come 2017, KIT extended its Product Portfolio drastically by partnering with SonicWall, Wefee1, Winpos and Entersoft. KIT was also upgraded to Titanium Partner for Dell and Oracle Hospitality Platinum Partner, the highest Partnership Level allocated to Partners in the Middle East. Winning the Oracle Top Sales Performance Award was the highlight for the KIT Hospitality team.


    Dell Premier Partner

    QikServe Partner

    Forcive Partner


    SonicWall Partner

    Wefee1 Partner

    Winpos Partner

    Entersoft Partner

    Dell Titanium Partner

    Oracle Hospitality Platinum Partner

    Oracle Hospitality - Top Sales Performance Award

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