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If you’ve stumbled upon the word 5G in the last few months, you must be aware of the fact that telecommunications is taking its next step in Mobile Communication. But what you may not already be aware of is that this isn’t simply just the next generation in telecommunication. No, this is a giant leap for interconnectivity and you will see our world’s technology interweaving like never before.
All those stories you’ve been reading about VR in Hotels, AR in Retail, automation in construction, improving healthcare, smart cars and smart cities ? These were ideas that couldn’t be completely fulfilled with the abilities of 4G but with 5G in the picture, there’s so much to accomplish. 
Think Absolute Connectivity
So far, every leap in technology has taken us further beyond the horizon. With telecom, it started with 1G which gave us huge phones designed like bricks and managed to make a few reliable calls. 2G phones were more accessible to people and much more reliable when it came to making calls. The third generation brought to us – the Internet and introduced apps while 4G allowed us to access more from the internet like streaming videos and led to the Social Media boom.


5G will bring connectivity like you’ve never seen before. All smart objects will be able to ‘talk’ to one another and share information. Almost all objects will become smart objects and through this will bring alive the true potential of the Internet of Things and ultimately the Internet of Everything.
5G will supposedly be a 100 times faster than 4G. That’s fast. But it’s not the speed that has us celebrating 5G, it’s the promise of very very low latency – we’re talking about 1ms latency. 5G will be connecting upto 1 million devices within every sq./km. Picture that, a huge broadband at your fingertips paired with all that speed and close to no latency.
Deliver Technology Promises
The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea used a proof-of-concept 5G mobile network to create Live VR experiences for fans all over the world. Just download the app, and use VR glasses to view the games right from the contestants’ point of view. Living across oceans and borders will no longer keep you from experiencing your favorite fests, concerts or world tournaments. With 5G’s speed, Real-time feeds through VR is a dream come true.


The Winter Olympics also showed off Samsung Smart Suits, contestants donned these suits during practice to track their body posture and vitals to improve their techniques. Smart Suits can also monitor your location in Real-time. With innovative ideas, this technology could be used in any industry. Take Law Enforcement or Search and Rescue. With Smart Suits, rescue teams can track each member and receive live feed on their vitals and positioning, very useful in times of crisis or disasters.
With 5G bringing about practically zero latency, remote control and response times will improve tremendously. Doctors can perform robotic surgery from any corner of the world. Construction workers will no longer be at a risk around heavy machinery, they can control all equipment without physical presence. A brand known for its signature dish can have the top chefs themselves supervising every dish in every restaurant within the chain.   
Welcome Smart UAE
The magic of 5G is that you can actually implement the latest technology on a wider scale. Use VR, AR, IoT, Big Data to automate, communicate and provide everything these new technologies have been promising the public. UAE in particular, certainly loves its technology - apps are found for almost any public service needed from Local Route Maps to Traffic Law Enforcement. The Dubai Mall has its own game zone solely run by VR games and rides. Chatbots and AI assistants are always ready to assist, especially when it comes to the Banking and Customer Service sectors.



The UAE Artificial Intelligence strategy aims to transform all government facilities to function with AI. Dubai Plan 2021 aims to completely transform Dubai into a Smart City, and so far it’s going great. Dubai Design District is a great example, built with solar rooftop panels, system automation, and electric car charging stations along with a flawless Wi-Fi network, the city is well on its way to becoming a Smart City.
Free Wi-Fi is available in most public areas within Dubai.  It is still however contained to one area and can run slowly if overburdened with too many users. UAE is currently working on upgrading the network infrastructure to incorporate 5G. Both Du and Etisalat will be ready to launch 5G later this year. Once that is available to the people, it will be a simpler feat to transform the city into a complete Smart City.
The Truth about 5G
UAE always works tirelessly to bring about a country that is both sustainable and technologically-advanced. We are already seeing new ideas being implemented, but with 5G, they can be used on a much larger scale. UAE certainly likes seeing the bigger picture and always the visionary, are ready to explore new possibilities and now with 5G, they can.

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