Perks of IT in F&B

Its great when computers do the job for you, ain’t it?
Wouldn’t it be great if a machine could tell you how to make things better and easier to enhance Guest Experience? Well IT has done it yet again! This time making the Food & Beverage industry work faster and more efficient than ever. Keeping guests happy and providing them with ever improving facilities has never been easier.
Whether it is a restaurant or a hotel, a theme park or a retail store, every F&B outlet needs a Point of Sale system, but why?
Not only does the POS system help to keep track of resources and staff, but also makes it easier to accommodate all guests needs above all else. POS system is an integral part of hospitality solutions that helps maximize profits and minimize manual labor.
Front-of-House System
  • Handles the restaurant’s reservations and wait list
  • Recommends table management analytics to best utilize space for guests 
  • Helps maintain flawless schedules and allows to change floorplans if needed
F&B Inventory Software
  • Evaluates COGs for dishes served by tracking product-cost from archived reciepes
  • Calculates every element needed to create any recipe on the menu
  • Suggests selling price and provides overview of  purchases by vendor, item and store
Mobile Ordering and Payment Apps
  • Allows outlets to systematically organize itself into an app and accept online orders
  • Incorporates your service through the app to receive cashless payments 
  • Accepts cash through third parties like Beam Wallet and payWave
Along with these fundamental features, one can always avail advanced features to further simplify work and modernize business. Modules such as Reporting and Analytics, Inventory ManagementGift and LoyaltyLoss PreventionLabor Management, along with POS hardware will impressively enhance your POS experience.
IT has simplified the industry oh so brilliantly that analytical reports can be made in real-time by a system alone. Outlets can organize their staff more efficiently and make sure all available resources are used to their fullest potential.
IT Solutions have guaranteed smooth work flow down to even never running out of ingredients to coming up with strategies to draw in more customers. Safe to say, the F&B industry is going to keep seeing brighter days.

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