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Got Mobility for your staff? Great now get your guests on mobile too!
What defines a successful hotel brand? Multiple properties? Frequent Guests? A huge staff? Well it’s all of that but also so much more. A hotel could be of a massive size with a huge staff and multiple properties all around the world but they aren’t really at their best if they aren’t working as one.
Guests relate to a brand name, not an individual property. But they still expect all your staff and properties to know everything about them. Especially if they’re frequent visitors. Gaining and keeping loyal customers should be ‘top of the mind’ for hotels. So, providing them with a platform to reach you directly shouldn’t be that far-fetched of an idea. Maybe you already have a website with a live chat feature but with a branded app, you can explore more possibilities.


Beat the Third-party
Guests are always delighted by the little things you do for them. Like decorating their rooms with flowers and chocolates or lighting up their preferred scented candle in the bathroom lined with their themed soaps and shampoo. Do more than room booking. Customizing their rooms would be so easy with an app, just ask them what they like and then provide.
Improve Guest Profile
You will receive the user’s details immediately once they log into the app. And since your app will be integrated to your PMS, your Guest Profiles will be updated anytime the user makes a change about their details on the app. You can learn more about your guests’ preferences and have the app pick up on the kind of offers they usually respond to.
Enable Self Check-in
Once their booking is made, send them their key right through their app and they can do a self-check-in once they arrive on the property. In case they happen to arrive a few hours early, they can talk to an agent through the app and receive Real-time notifications about the room-availability status.


Enhance Guest Experience
Guests can contact staff right from the app, and if your staff has gone mobile too then the responses would be instant. Ordering room service, requesting housekeeping, contacting the concierge for room amenities, checking appointments or ordering a cab you can offer it all. 
Increase Property Visits
Connect Gift & Loyalty to the app and use it to promote F&B spaces on your property with coupons and vouchers. Include redeemable incentives and discounts on the app. Showcase events happening at your property and invite guests to participate. This encourages your loyal guests to visit your properties even when they aren’t staying at the hotel.
Get Direct Feedback
Guests can use the app to directly voice their opinion about their stay whether it be a 5 star review or a strongly worded complaint. Use this platform to contact them directly, store reviews for future reference and offer incentives as a thank you or an apology for the inconvenience. Guests like to be heard and appreciated. 


One Icon Multiple Choices
Getting your app users to visit more of your properties would be easier and more effective when you have the Multi-property system in place. With the app updating Guest Profiles, Gift & Loyalty offers could get more personalized. Every property would be prepared to welcome these walk in visitors as regular guests.
Besides using the app to provide features that guests already expect of you, give them something a little extra or something unique. It could be a 3D globe view for your guests to literally pick their view like Mandarin Oriental or a special feature that lets non-guest app-users place orders to send treats to your guests like W Hotels. Here’s where you offer something that would exclusively suit your brand.
Investing in the app and integrating your Brand app to your PMS allows you to interact with your guests in Real-time. It acts as a platform that lets you contact them directly without making them feel obliged to interact. If their first impression about using your app is a good one, you’ve got a dedicated user on your app and a loyal guest too.

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