Do you have WiFi?

Says literally every guest who walks into a hotel
Maybe you’ve been too busy upgrading management systems and making custom apps for the comfort of your guests but you truly forget the most important element that will guarantee you with the most satisfied guests – a flawless WiFi connection.
The whole point of going on a vacation may be to get away from stress or fatigue but it certainly is not to go offline. Vacationing guests will want to flaunt their fun online, while guests on business trips have important emails and e-documents they need to access. 

If hotels claim to offer WiFi, they need to provide an actual guest satisfactory connection. Not a weak, mediocre one just for the sake of it. Here’s how you deliver that.
Invest in a capable Router. With routers, you will reap what you sow because a fantastic router will give you a strong connection. Paired with the right service plan, your basic setup is complete. Set appropriate Network Capacity and Coverage to fulfil your guests’ internet expectations and provide a smooth web experience.
Pay attention to internet usage and determine how much bandwidth you can provide your guests. With a Command Center, you can control Internet Traffic and Rate Limiting on what your guests can and cannot access. You can even regulate net speed - while it is ideal to provide the fastest connectivity, it is also ideal to stick to budgets so make sure to find that sweet spot where both you and your guests can be happy.

Now, when everything is set, grab a connected device and take a stroll around your property, visit every room and facility and see how your connectivity is faring. If certain places have close to no bars, it’s time to rethink your Access Point placements. Place them strategically all over your property to provide the best chance for guests to connect without any hassles.
Do not forget, like any other technology – network, hardware and software need upgrades too. Sometimes you just need to update a software, other times you must invest in new hardware too. Don’t hesitate to do so, every few years this may be inevitable but also so worth it when you see the reservations pouring in.

Here are a couple more thoughts that could optimize your network - Monitoring and Security. Change your passwords every few months, it is always possible for your passwords to leak and always smart to stay cautious.
Also, limit Data Usage by installing Firewalls to keep guests from accessing certain sites and draining precious network data. And most importantly, do not charge for WiFi! It’d be like charging your guest for running water and electricity.
Use the data you collect from guests’ Data Usage to learn more; see what guests look for during their visit, see how you can use that data to enhance guest experience. Say ‘nightlife’ searches are popular with a certain group, while ‘adventure sports’ is popular with another. Use that info to your advantage, maybe by mentioning it on a specified page on your website or tying up with popular local joints.

Even the investments made in creating branded, Guest-focused Apps will gain from a capable WiFi connection. Ultimately this decision will make your lives a lot easier. Guests become more independent - with everything working at their fingertips, they won’t feel tied down on their vacations.
With technology, no information is a waste - optimize with every byte you access. Investing in capable technology will always be worth it in the long run. Hotels providing excellent network are already receiving positive reviews by satisfied guests. At this point in time, it is practically inhumane to not provide a secure and speedy network connection.


All infographics retrieved from What guests want from Hotel Wi-Fi, Hotel News Now 

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