Centralized Hospitality Intelligence

Experience an All for One and One for All data sharing between all your Hotel Properties.
If you work in the hospitality sector you can attest to just how much there is to running a hotel. Your property holds a massive supply of data – stored information about your staff, your guests, and your resources all compiled into your Database and run by your Property Management System.
Your PMS will handle cashiering, housekeeping, guest profiles, reports, commissions and more. All that information just for one property. What if you own many more properties? Imagine dealing with all that data all over again in every single one of your properties.
A Consolidated System
Investing in Oracle’s Multi-property Setup will put an end to juggling all this data. You will no longer need to sign in and sign out of different systems to gain access to valuable information. Just connect all your properties to one central server and every property will now have access to all available data.


Of course having all your data at one centralized location means you now have just one source to access all your information. This means you may have to invest in a capable server, networking and security. But ultimately, you will save a huge amount in costs because this is the only IT infrastructure you need to manage all your properties.
A Beneficial System
You, and more importantly your guests, can now enjoy exclusive Multi-property perks such as Cross Booking, Cross Reservation and Cross Posting. With this, you can allow your guests to explore your various properties and enjoy all the facilities they have to offer and simultaneously boost guest loyalty with exceptional Guest Experience.
Never turn away a guest requesting an experience with your Brand. With Cross Booking, you can immediately check on Room Status in every property linked to your PMS. Through that, you can book them any room they desire to stay in at any one of your properties on the spot.


Make reservations for any of your guests through Cross Reservation. This includes all facilities available at your property, from hotel spa, gym, tennis courts and even reserving tables at all the restaurants available at the properties so your guests can wine and dine in peace.
Invite your guests to visit more of your properties with Cross Postings. As long as all your properties are linked, guests can visit any of these properties – feast at one, get a massage at the other or dominate a golf game and have all their billings posted to the one property they are staying at by just dropping their room number.
An Integrated System
An updated and connected PMS means Real-time access to centrally managed Guest Profiles for all properties. This means staff can view a guests’ profile made years ago at a different property, giving them a look at all the guests’ preferences as well as spending and stay history.


With Point of Sale interface, guests can eat at any available F&B joint in one property and post billings to another. This integration also helps the staff, who can now access their guests’ Gift & Loyalty points and present them with offers that would further delight their guests and encourage further visits to other properties.  
Chain hotels who host multiple events through Sales and Catering can handle all event related inventory through the Multi-property functionality. The event could host hundreds of invitees in over many different properties and you can totally schedule updated work timings and posts for all staff as well as track all inventory at all properties in Real Time.
A Fortified System
You can accomplish so much with a Multi-property setup so make sure to choose the right server and networking solutions that will best benefit your properties. Based on how busy and popular each property is, you can redirect network traffic and control your servers so that Application Delivery and Data Sharing can be controlled and monitored.


Security is imperative because one source of information for multiple properties also means managing multiple users; user access needs to be secure and authorized. Not to mention the need for extra protection over your data, so as to keep it safe from hackers and data infections. This pool of data needs to be pure and uncorrupted.
Your Dependable System
The Multi-property functionality is truly a useful and efficient one. It has a lot of features to offer, features that when used uniquely can improve your hotels’ performance. Use reports made in Real-time to compare success and productivity between all properties and switch focus to improve results.
Everything you need to run your properties is all available at your fingertips. Properties on the same patch of land or properties built oceans away - you can keep an eye on them all. With this functionality, you can welcome every guest that appears at your doorstep, for there is always room for everyone.

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